About Us

About Us

48HourHeadshots.com is your “go-to” partner for headshot reprints, comp cards, and business cards.

48HourHeadshots.com is a sister company born from a multi-generational family of printers. The president of 48HourHeadshots.com is an actor himself, and his love of acting combined with his expertise in the world of print led to this perfect marriage of acting and printing, to provide high quality headshot reprints along with other tools to help actors succeed in the business.

The goal was to provide lower cost digitally printed headshots, but also offer the traditional high quality luster photo prints that very few suppliers offer. Even though much of the actors work is done online, sending digital files, there is still a place for and often a need for headshot reprints. In fact, not only are headshots often required at auditions, the printed headshot provides a great opportunity to stand out from the competition at auditions and events.

We also offer an assortment of business card and postcard designs and styles to additionally help you promote yourself. We will continue to add tools and services as we see a need.

From the entire staff at 48HourHeadshots.com, we wish you all the success possible as you pursue your dreams. 48HourHeadshots.com is a 4Gen Digital company.

See the official trailer for the Indie film our president recently completed. His stage name is Craig Callo, and he is the dying patient:

Craig Callo